ONS Urgent Ortho Care providers work on a rotating schedule.  You will receive expert care by the orthopedic professional who is treating urgent care patients at the time of your visit.

NOTE: ONS Urgent  Ortho Care is designed as a walk-in, emergency orthopedic service. Appointments and requests cannot be made for immediate care from a specific provider. You can schedule an appointment with the provider of your choice during regular business hours. Please call 203-869-1145 for an appointment or request one online.

At ONS Urgent Ortho Care you may see one of the following providers:

Matthew Cantlon, MD

Caroline Hillman, PA-C

Kevin E. Hwang, PA-C

Marc Kowalsky, MD

Jason Salomon, MMS, PA-C

Rachel Struthers, PA-C

Georgeann Torina, PA-C, RD

Krista Ulrich, PA-C

Mark Vitale, MD

Ariana WongWon, PA-C

Mark Yakavonis, MD