A Team Effort

I was injured in my military career and for 29 years, have managed through neck and spine pain that was caused from it. It became unbearable with numbness in my fingers and inability to sleep, sit or work. I have never had nerve pain like I did and when I saw Dr. Nocek, he sent me for an X-ray then MRI to determine what was happening. While waiting for results, he sent me to physical therapy and to Dr. Heftler, a physiatrist, for an injection to help relieve the symptoms until we could determine what to do. Bottom line, I needed spine surgery. I saw ONS neurosurgeon Dr. Fiore, who got me right into surgery, repaired 3 discs, and cleaned up the problems. Immediately, and that’s no joke, immediately, I could tell I was on the mend. I’ve had chronic pain for 29 years and now, almost three months out, the constant ache and nerve pain isn’t there. I had lost feeling in part of my had and fingers which has since returned. Best part of my ONS experience was that everything is onsite and getting to the bottom of this just took a few short days. Everyone works like a team. They are specialists, unlike my experience at the VA. Meanwhile, they helped me manage the pain. I have never experienced this before and I’m very pleased with the results. If you need a neurosurgeon, specialized orthopedist, physiatrist or physical therapy, I totally recommend ONS. ( RateMD)

An ONS Experience

ONS is the Best! The doctors are compassionate, caring, skilled and knowledgeable, the nurses and staff are great, they have taken the very best care of me, I wouldn’t go anywhere else. The doctors listen to you, answer all of your questions and take time with you. They want the best for you and that’s what you get, I can’t say enough about ONS, highly recommend! (5 Star Review on Yelp from E.O.)

An ONS Experience

They are top notch and treat everyone with respect an friendliness from security, doctors, and especially the PT group are super friendly and amazing. Highly recommend them!!! (CCP)

Dr. Delos, Tanya K., DPT and the ONS Team

The ONS surgical team, physical therapy team and admin are all amazing. I had the good fortune of working closely with Dr. Delos and Tanya K., DPT (Greenwich PT Director), and they, and all on their team/staff were kind, knowledgeable, professional, efficient – – and it is clear they genuinely care about their patients and their improvement! They also give you the confidence and support you need to get through your recovery. From the moment you hobble in the door to the moment you walk out (better than ever), each member of the team makes a point get to know and be there for each individual client – particularly, so if you have a question or any need anything at all, someone on the team can assist you promptly/safely. They definitely go above and beyond in their patient care and it shows in the results! I never expected my recovery to be so pleasant and faster than expected! (5 Star Review on Google from S.S.)

Dr. Delos: Knee Replacement

Dr. Delos is an amazing man and surgeon. I had concerns about another physician that I was going to and heard great things about Dr. Delos, so I went to him for a second opinion. He was completely straight with me and reviewed everything with me. I  didn’t feel the least bit rushed. He took all the time that I needed. I walked away knowing what was wrong with my knee and subsequently, chose him for my total knee replacement. His bedside manner is wonderful and he is compassionate, caring and confident. He made sure that I knew exactly what was wrong and how he would treat it. I had ad my surgery and  am 6 weeks out. I’m already driving and back to work! His office staff are all great, and my PT is going well. They are all so supportive, as Dr. Delos is. I would recommend him to anyone. I can’t say enough wonderful things about him. Thank you Dr. Delos!!!!!! I’m a new woman with a brand new knee!! (5 Star Review on Google from E.N.) 07/10/2019

Dr. Delos: Tendon Repair

Dr. Delos was fantastic. He made an expert repair on my torn tendon and the follow up and follow through with the Dr. and with ONS PT was outstanding. (5 Star Review on Healthgrades from J.M.  Jul 30, 2019)

Dr. Ennis, PT: Knee Replacement

Dear Dr. Ennis –  I can’t thank you enough for giving me a new knee so I can hop around more quickly after my 2 year old grandson that I take care of three days a week. You are a truly brilliant surgeon. I also appreciate your accepting medicare assignment. I know since I was a former medical office manager that you only receive a fraction of what you truly deserve…also, your terrific physical therapy group, (especially Betsy) accepted medicare because you did surgery on me. (N.B.)

Dr. Greene, Alicia Hirscht, DPT

I thought it was important to send a note to someone at ONS about Dr. Greene and Alicia Hirscht, DPT. I have been treating with Dr. Greene for a torn abductor tendon and other hip issues since December. I started PT in Stamford under Alicia Hirscht. I would easily recommend either practitioner to a family member.

Dr. Greene’s communication was clear and concise when weighing treatment options.  PT Hirscht made room in her schedule for me and took the time and effort to get me up and playing tennis again. They are both true professionals and showed an incredible amount of patience working with me to recover from my chronic injuries.

Keep up the excellent work and hiring practices. (note from patient P.Y.)

Dr. Nocek, Dr. Heftler, Fey: Herniated Disc, Sciatica

“Having recently completed four months of treatment at ONS, I wanted to share my positive experience as too many times this recognition may not be communicated.  Suffering from an old injury of a herniated disc, David Nocek, MD determined it had developed into sciatica.  Early physical therapy sessions with Fey Adamarola, DPT, had temporary relief,  so I was referred to Jeffrey Heftler, MD to get my pain to lower levels to pave the way for an aggressive PT regimen.  It was Fey’s positive outlook that gave me the confidence to stay the course and lead to a very positive outcome. I am grateful to the full team at ONS.” (E.H.)

Dr. Vadasdi: Broken Patella

From the moment I walked in the ONS door with my broken right patella, I knew I was in the right place!  I was most fortunate to be referred to Dr. Vadasdi by two of her former patients. I immediately felt comfortable as she is an Ironwoman Triathlete and I am a 3 time Ironman.

The entire ONS group, from surgery to PT, has turned a most difficult situation into a pleasant one.  I am always greeted with a warm smile and never wait more than five minutes.  The staff at ONS took care of ALL my health insurance needs leaving me with my sole responsibility of showing up on time. I would highly recommend ONS to anyone in need of orthopedic care or PT. They are simply the best. This is from the heart as I am soooo grateful for ONS taking good care of me!! (patient S.W.)

Dr. Vitale, Tara Friedler, DPT, CHT

I wish there was more I could do or say to express my appreciation for both the doctors and the therapists at ONS. I had a really terrible finger injury over 2 years ago. Over the course of 2 years I have tried two different surgeries with a different popular practice in Stamford and have had no luck. I understand my injury is one that is difficult to fix and takes tremendous patience and attention- so really this is no diss at my previous doctor by any means. Despite my surgeries being with a different practice, my PT/OT was always with ONS and specifically Tara. If you have the opportunity to work with Tara after surgery, rest assured you are in good hands. Tara helped give me confidence in my hand and movement in my finger during a very trying time in my life. I was discouraged and frustrated I wasn’t getting movement after both my surgeries and Tara was always positive and patient- I am forever grateful for that. After not healing right from the second surgery even after tons of OT, I decided to get a second opinion from ONS doctors since I had such a good experience with their physical therapy. Within minutes, Dr. Vitale looked at my hand and knew exactly what had happened and that I had gotten a contracture post op from the trauma to my hand. Without making any medical assumptions, he sent me for an MRI and the results concluded what he assumed to be true. We scheduled treatment and got the ball rolling right away. I can’t describe to you the level of attention and care ONS will provide you. They are a smooth running operation and the communication from doctors to PT is second to none. They truly care about their patients. From coordinating times that will work with my crazy schedule and just sending an email to ask how my splint is holding up. The small details are what matter most when you are medically frustrated. They made me feel like there was more they could do for me and it was at least worth a try for every procedure we did. I always had confidence in their medical advice and fully trusted their decisions. I can’t see how anyone could give this practice or PT office a bad review. They are medically up to date and provide high end care all while keeping the human component alive. I am so grateful I found ONS. In a world and in a city where you have many options for orthopedic care, I know it can be difficult to choose. I knew I had to leave a review to help people like me who felt stuck with their medical treatment and who needed someone different. Give ONS a call, you will not he disappointed. (5 Star Review on Yelp from E.S. October, 2019)

ONS Physical Therapy: Frozen Shoulder

Alicia Hirscht is an absolutely top-notch physical therapist!  As a physician who cares for patients myself, it was so wonderful to experience the kindhearted, knowledgeable, compassionate, and encouraging approach that Alicia took while treating my shoulder problem.  She guided me through an intensive 12-week program of physical therapy during which time I started out with a frozen shoulder and ended up with virtually full range of motion.  She managed my expectations beautifully, and she gave me terrific guidance with home therapy exercises.  I cannot recommend her highly enough! (Note from patient F.S.)

Physical Therapy

The whole staff at ONS PT unit was really nice, especially Besnik Mucovic, great physical therapy and Dyango.

Physical Therapy

The ONS Doctors and staff and PT department are all very professional and courteous. They take time to ask questions and listen to the answers. Patients are treated very well. Thank you

Physical Therapy

I appreciate that the therapists listen and observe. Physical and mental attitudes are included in the therapy. As an athlete it is refreshing to work with therapists that know when to push and when to back off.

Physical Therapy

My prompt recovery was greatly influenced by my therapist and the clear instructions provided by her. Furthermore, the therapist was very cordial, knowledgeable with the utmost professionalism

Physical Therapy

Pete and Nick have been instrumental in my continued recovery. Thanks ONS (Anonymous)

Physical Therapy

I had a full tissue tear of my rotator cuff. Dr. Delos examined me and pointed out the alternatives and how we could approach the injury. He explained his plan and operated to repair the damage at the ambulatory center. The experience was very good and they called me the next day to see how I was doing.

I needed physical therapy 3 days a week for the first few weeks, then twice a week and now I so much better six months later. Continue reading “Physical Therapy”

Physical Therapy

I slipped on the snow and ice and ended up with multiple fractures in my right femur. I’ve never experienced that kind of pain, it was horrible and traumatic. They took me to Stamford Hospital and I got in touch with Demetris Delos, MD. I was moved to Greenwich Hospital and the very next morning at 7 a.m., Dr. Delos was there to operate on my leg.

Before the surgery, Dr. Delos explained everything I needed to know about my condition and how he was hoping to repair the damage in a minimally invasive way of inserting a rod into the bone. He informed me that there may be a chance he would have to do a little more invasive surgery and that would involve a steel plate but, that he would not know until he was actually in to see the damage. Dr. Delos made me feel very comfortable with his level of confidence before the surgery and after and the fact that he answered all of my questions so I knew what the outcomes would be.

After the surgery the terrible pain I had when I arrived, was gone. I stayed at the hospital a few days and very shortly after, almost all of the post-op pain was gone.

For two weeks I had physical therapy at home then I came to ONS for where PT’s, Nik (Besnik) and Tanya (Tatyana), worked with me to get back to normal activities. They were great and now I am 4 months out with little to no pain. I can’t believe that I’m back to spin class, palates and feel great considering the severity of my injury.

Throughout this process, Dr. Delos has been a great communicator. He was available when I called, he took the time and listened to my concerns personally and would tell me to come in if I felt he should evaluate any of my concerns. I have two small scars which is great when you consider how bad the injury was.

Physical Therapy

Dr. Miller– I had a shoulder replacement and the whole process was made as easy as possible for me from the doctor to the administrators and followup. The Physical Therapy Department is the absolute best. It is my belief that my progress is mostly due to an excellent surgeon and a brilliant, gentle physical therapist. (Anonymous)

Physical Therapy – Stamford

Great experience here after a poor one elsewhere. The healing process starts with the facility which is airy and spacious with tons of natural light. Therapists and assistants are thorough, attentive, friendly, and professional. They carefully create and implement effective treatment plans and follow through with individualized attention throughout sessions (not leaving you on your own while they look after others). Cleanliness is top notch and the equipment is great too. (5 Star review on Google from S.S.)

Physical Therapy Staff

Fey and ONS PT Staff – Thank you for being such an important part of my recovery. I could not have done it without your help and support. You are such a nice and supportive group of professionals. From the warm and friendly greeting the moment you enter the door to the smiles and conversations by everyone at ONS (even if you are not interacting with that person on that specific day) to the excellent care and attention by you Fey, and the other physical therapists I have worked with. I am so glad I came to ONS for my recovery. Thank you for everything. (P.P.)

Physical Therapy: Back Pain

I contacted ONS Stamford over a weekend via their website to have someone call me to make an appointment. At 8:45AM Monday morning, I received a call with an offer for a same day appointment with an orthopedist. The next day appointments were available for me to start physical therapy. The P.T, Bethany, thoroughly evaluated me and always clearly explained at each appointment what she was doing. The patient portal included videos of the exercises I needed to do at home, which was very helpful until I remembered them on my own. The office promptly submitted claims to insurance. Most importantly, my back pain was greatly reduced by the end of my appointment series. I feel like I have a good understanding of what I need to do to stay strong. I would definitely return to ONS in the future. (5 Star  review on Google by N.T.)

Physical Therapy: Tennis Elbow

I have had a chronic tennis elbow problem for several years. I recently decided to finally fix my problem and had an appointment with an ONS doctor who prescribed PT. My experience at ONS PT in Stamford has been nothing short of outstanding. The environment is beautiful (you look out onto trees as you work out) and the skill of the therapists is a 10. Tara, has done a great job with me. After just 3 weeks, I am already seeing significant improvements. I would highly recommend ONS PT. (5 Star review on Google from B.F.)

Stamford PT

The whole staff at ONS PT unit was really nice, especially Besnik Mucovic, great PT & Dyango. (patient comment from survey)

Tanya K: Tennis Elbow

I would like to take this opportunity to formally compliment one of your employees at ONS Physical Therapy in your Greenwich, CT office. Ms. Tanya Kalyuzhny has been providing physical therapy to my right arm due to tennis strain for more than three months. Since her first evaluation, I feel that my quick recovery is due to Tanya’s individualized physical therapy programs and expertise.

Encouraging, knowledgeable and professional are the words that immediately come to mind to describe Tanya as a physical therapist. She intuitively knows how to push me beyond what I thought I could do without going overboard. Her insightful facts, statistics and knowledge of the human body are remarkable. She is extremely knowledgeable in orthopedic injuries by including both traditional types of exercise along with newer methods that improve functionality and movement while also reducing pain.

I believe Ms. Kalyuzhny is a key asset to ONS and is part of the reason why many others and I will continue to recommend ONS for any physical therapy treatment. (Letter written by F.K., Old Greenwich, CT)