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ONS TeleHealth provides patients with access to ONS professionals and services for everything from initial evaluations though the entire continuum of care.  With the ease of using a mobile phone, laptop computer, or tablet, patients can meet virtually face-to-face with their physician or physical therapist to discuss such matters as symptoms and diagnoses, review an X-ray or MRI, and evaluate the progress of a treatment plan.  ONS TeleHealth provides patients with a safe and convenient option when an in-person visit is not possible.

Call (203) 869-1145 and our experienced staff will arrange a TeleHealth appointment for you.

What is TeleHealth?

TeleHealth medicine (also referred to as telemedicine) is the remote delivery of healthcare services using live 2-way video conferencing. It provides healthcare professionals an additional option to evaluate, diagnose and develop treatment plans for some patients who may not be able to come to the practice for an in-person appointment.

How should you prepare for your Telehealth visit?

Once you have made you telehealth appointment:

  • Create and/or Log In to the ONS patient portal
  • Update your medical history information as instructed by the agent who booked your appointment
  • Get your equipment ready early!
    • We recommend internet capable, camera-equipped tablets or laptops to ensure the best visit experience. Mobile phones are less ideal but under certain circumstances can be used, too.
    • Window and Mac desktop platforms are also supported. If you are not accustomed to using videoconferencing technology on your desktop, please make sure your audio and video equipment is working ahead of time!

Limitations of Telehealth

TeleHealth visits can be a highly effective way for our doctors to communicate with you, develop an appropriate plan of care, and monitor your recovery. However, if you require diagnostic x-rays or an MRI, please understand that those tests would need to be ordered and performed onsite on a separate occasion.

Call our office to find out if a TeleHealth visit is an option for you.  203-869-1145