Common Spine Exercises

Exercise is important for good health and can also improve flexibility, increase strength, and even reduce pain. The following exercises are designed to strengthen and improve the flexibility in the spine, which in turn will make it easier to maintain correct posture and perform daily activities.

Please note: No exercise should produce discomfort. With any new exercise routine, first consult with your physician to make sure it is safe for you to begin.

Cervical Retraction

Sit or stand, shoulders back and looking straight ahead. Pull you head back, giving yourself a double chin and stretching the upper part of your neck. Hold 5 seconds, relax, then repeat 4 more times.


Shoulder Retraction

Stand facing a doorway with a theraband anchored around the doorknob. Pull back with the band in each hand, squeezing your shoulder blades together. Return to start position, repeat: 2 sets of 15 reps.scapular-retraction


Shoulder External Rotation

Stand with theraband in your hands, shoulders back, chin tucked, and elbows tucked to your sides. Rotate your arms outward, maintaining good posture. Return to start position and repeat: 2 sets of 15 reps.


Doorway Chest Stretch

Stand with your elbows bent and forearms placed on a door frame. Step with one foot into the door, keeping that knee bent. Shift your weight towards the front leg, stretching across your chest and shoulders. Hold for 30 seconds, then repeat with opposite leg into the doorway.


Doorway Hamstring Stretch


Lie on the floor in a doorway, with your hips close to the doorframe. Place the closer leg up against the door, while the opposite leg in straight through the doorway on the floor. Hold for 30 seconds, feeling a stretch up the back of your leg. Repeat 2 stretches on each side.


 Quadruped Stabilization


Begin on your hands and knees. Gently straighten your right leg and your left arm, trying to keep your back stable (do not lean or twist). Lower back down and lift opposite arm with leg.  Repeat 2 sets of 10  reps on each side.quadruped-stabillization