Hand, wrist, elbow specialist Dr. Matthew Cantlon

Matthew B. Cantlon, MD

Matthew B. Cantlon, MD, is a board-certified orthopaedic surgeon and a fellowship-trained specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of both pediatric and adult upper extremity conditions.  Dr Cantlon’s expertise includes treatment of arthritis of the hand, wrist and elbow; fractures of the upper extremity; nerve compression syndromes including carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel syndromes; masses of the hand and upper extremity including ganglion cysts; and tendon issues including tendonitis, lacerations and ruptures.  He is surgically skilled in microsurgical nerve repair and reconstruction, tendon and ligament repair and reconstruction, arthroscopic treatment of the wrist and joint replacement of the hand, wrist and elbow.  Dr. Cantlon has extensive training in the most current surgical techniques including wide-awake hand surgery, a technique which limits surgical recovery times and improves outcomes.

Dr. Cantlon earned his medical degree at Columbia University, College of Physicians & Surgeons and completed his residency training in Orthopedic Surgery at NYU Langone Medical Center, Hospital for Joint Diseases. He completed fellowship training in Hand and Upper Extremity Surgery at Thomas Jefferson University, Rothman Institute.  Dr. Cantlon holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Cornell University.

A native of New Canaan, CT, Dr. Cantlon has served as a hand and upper extremity physician to the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater group, the Long Island University and New York University Athletics teams, and the New York Public School Athletic League (PSAL) High School Football.

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Dr. Canton is one of the best doctors I have ever had! Definitely recommend for any hand/arm problem. Pleasure to deal with … (5 Star Review on Google from C.C.)

Best doctor ever! Dr Cantlon fit me in same day and despite the fact that I knew he was busy, I did not feel one bit rushed. He listened to me intently, explained everything in detail and even went through each xray one by one. I couldn’t recommend him more highly! (5 Star Review on Healthgrades)

We cannot thank Dr.Cantlon enough for his care and expertise in helping our young son recover from a broken arm. From the moment he came to the ER to set the bones, to the 3 cast changes and the appointments along the way he was reassuring, attentive, calm and we felt like we were in the best hands. The ONS front desk staff, nurses and Xray tech were also so kind each and every time ….even when my son would cry from fear. I highly recommend ONS and Dr.Cantlon. We are so grateful our son healed so well and it back to running around! (5 Star Review on Google from C. G.)

A careful, thoughtful doctor, whose excellent treatment skills are matched by his empathetic manner. Though still young, he possesses the clinical knowledge to treat the body, and the emotional knowledge to treat the patient as a whole. (5 Star Review on Google)

Today was my 1st visit to see Dr. Cantlon and he has such a great bedside manor, he’s gentle soft spoken, and easy on the eye lol. In all seriousness I really appreciate him and his staff taking such great care of me, and let me add no wait time which is very important to those of us who work.  (5 Star Review on Healthgrades from D.M.)

Dr. Cantlon was terrific. He spent time with me, asking me questions, clarifying info and asking me if I understood. Got additional Xrays (tech was great too) which showed no break. So I was happy. Very happy.

Hopefully I don’t have to go back, but Greenwich ONS (Orthopaedic and Neurosurgery Specialists), the staff, and Dr. Cantlon (Hand and Upper Extremity Surgeon) were great. Highly recommended. (Five star review on Google)

Dr. Cantlon is very smart and is so nice. I would definitely go back and recommend. (Patient Survey)

Dr. Cantlon has been great. During our Greenwich Hospital ER visit for a pediatric broken thumb and the ONS follow-up visit, his efficiency, clarity, and bedside manner he had for me and my 11 year old was excellent! (Patient Survey)

Keep up the good work Dr. Cantlon!

My treatment with Dr. Cantlon was timely and accurate. A great experience overall. (Patient Survey)

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Watch Dr. Cantlon’s presentation on Wide Awake Hand Surgery:

Dr. Cantlon discusses Advances in Peripheral Nerve Surgery of the Upper Extremity:


American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery
Subspecialty Certificate in Surgery of the Hand (CAQH)


Chief Resident Teacher of the Year – Hospital for Joint Diseases
Executive Chief Resident – Hospital for Joint Diseases
AOA Resident Leader – Hospital for Joint Diseases
Gold Humanism Honor Society, Columbia University, College of Physicians & Surgeons


Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater
Long Island University Athletics
New York University Athletics
Public School Athletic League (PSAL) High School Football


Wei D.H.; Cantlon, M.B.; Wakefield, D.B; Vitale, M.A.  Risk factors for skin tears following collagenase clostridium histolyticicum to treat Dupuytren contractures.  Journal of Hand Surgery.  45(10):989.e1-e10.  Oct 2020

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Cantlon, MB.  Capitate Shortening Osteotomy.  In: Hand Surgery, Tricks of the Trade.  Ed: Beredjiklian, P; Thieme, 2020: Chapter 51

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Mark A. Vitale, MD, MPH

Mark Vitale, MD, MPH, is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon and a fellowship-trained specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of hand, wrist and elbow conditions and injuries. He holds a subspecialty certificate of added qualifications in surgery of the hand and upper extremity. Dr. Vitale’s expertise includes treatment of arthritis of the hand, wrist and elbow, fractures of the upper extremity, rehabilitation of sports injuries of the hand, wrist and elbow, arthroscopic treatment of wrist and elbow disorders, nerve compression syndromes of the upper extremity including carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel syndrome, microsurgical reconstruction of nerve injuries, treatment of masses in the hand such as ganglion cysts, and upper extremity tendon repair and reconstruction. In addition, he cares for hand differences and disabilities seen in infancy and adolescence as well as pediatric hand, wrist and elbow fractures. Dr. Vitale has been designated by Endo Pharmaceuticals as an ‘experienced injector’ of Xiaflex® for  Dupuytren’s Disease. He is able to treat many patients with Dupuytren’s contractures non-operatively with an injectable enzyme which breaks down the cords that cause fingers to bend into the palm.

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Dr. David Wei

David Wei, MD, MS

David Wei, MD, MS, is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon and fellowship-trained specialist in the evaluation and treatment of hand, wrist and elbow conditions and injuries. He is surgically skilled in microsurgical nerve reconstruction, arthroscopic treatment of wrist and elbow disorders, tendon reconstruction and repair, and endoscopic treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome. His expertise includes diagnosis and treatment of conditions of the upper extremity in both pediatric and adult patients. These include arthritis of the hand, wrist and elbow; fractures; sports injuries; nerve compression syndromes such as carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel syndromes; Dupuytren’s contracture; trigger finger and trigger thumb; bicep and triceps tendon tears and ruptures; lateral epicondylitis (“Tennis Elbow”) and ganglion cysts.

Dr. Wei graduated from Yale University where he received a combined Bachelor of Science, magna cum laude and Master of Science with distinction in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry. He earned his medical degree at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons and completed his residency training at the New York Presbyterian Hospital, Columbia University Medical Center. He then received fellowship training in Hand and Upper Extremity surgery at Tufts University Medical Center, New England Baptist Hospital in Boston, MA.

Dr. Wei is actively involved in academic medicine and has authored and published many peer-reviewed scientific articles in the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, Journal of Hand Surgery, Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, and Journal of TraumaHe has been invited to present his work at regional, national and international meetings for a variety of associations including the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS), American Society of Surgery of the Hand (ASSH), Orthopaedic Trauma Association (OTA), American Orthopaedic Association (AOA), and the Congress of the European Federation of National Associations of Orthopedics and Traumatology.

Other Languages: Chinese Mandarin and Spanish

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The office seemed very clean and well run, everyone was nice, Dr Choo explained everything clearly, was friendly, and I left feeling confident in what needed to be done. (5 Star Review on Healthgrades)

Dr. Wei is so professional and very detail oriented. I can’t say enough good things about him. He has treated me for a variety of issues and each time my experience is the same. I trust him 100%. (5 Star Review on Google from J.S.)
Dr. Wei is very kind and warm. He made my daughter feel very comfortable during both of our visits. His staff are wonderful as well. (5 Star Google Rating from K.G.)

Dr Wei quickly diagnosed my ligament issue, scheduled surgery, and provided excellent post surgery follow-up. He explained everything clearly and recovery was as expected. He is a consummate professional. (5 Star Review on Healthgrades)

One of the best experiences I’ve had! My first broken bone and Dr. Wei helped me feel so at ease. Very grateful I was referred to him! (5 Star Google Review from D.W.)
Dr. Wei has been a wonderful and caring surgeon. He is very knowledgeable and skilled and I would not hesitate in recommending him. I had a post-surgery infection arise and he made sure I got the proper care and the infection resolved. ONS is also a great place if you have an orthopedic or neurosurgical issue. They have a great process for scheduling and follow up care and it is evident that the leadership of the practice is keen on making the patient experience as pleasant as possible. (5 Star Review on Google from M.K.)
Dr. Wei is the best. He is a warm and kind individual and clearly knows what he is doing. He diagnosed and took care of my problem quickly and, if you have to see a doctor for hand problems, I recommend him highly. (5 Star Review on Google from H.J.)

Dr.Wei is amazing. We took our 4 year old in to see him after nearly losing the tip of his finger in a door slam. Dr.Wei and his staff were accommodating, professional, and appropriate for our 4 year old who they treated like a “superhero” from wearing his gown for xray, nerve block and sutures. It healed beautifully with almost no scar, and most importantly he will have full function and sensation on his dominant hand index finger! We’re so lucky to have been in his hands, and did not need emergency care- especially during COVID. Thank you ONS for your expertise, compassion and dedication. We truly appreciate it! (5 Star Review on Healthgrades from M.M.)

Great experience with Dr Wei. We were nervous about going to ER when my son fractured his thumb and were referred to ONS. The entire practice was friendly, efficient and professional. Dr Wei took time to answer questions and was very good in addressing concerns with my son. Thank you!  (5 Star Review on Google by J.M.)
Dr. Wei is very knowledgeable in his field and has excellent rapport with his patients. The journey I went on for my wrist was a long one, but Dr. Wei was patient, listened to my concerns, and together we tried a few different solutions to alleviating my pain. Before surgery, he walked me through everything that would happen, answering any questions I had along the way. I would highly recommend Dr. Wei to anyone seeking resolve for pain in their hands or wrists.  (5 Star Review on Google from N.D.)
My experience with Dr. Wie and his team has been outstanding, starting with my initial consultation through my procedure and including my follow up visit yesterday. (5 Star Google Review from R.Z,)
I went to Dr. Wei after first being treated by a different doctor for a finger injury. My finger was curled and I could barely move it or feel it. Dr. Wei significantly helped improve my finger’s extension and range of motion. It has been a long process, but Dr. Wei has been great in helping me make the right decisions to improve my finger and get it as close as normal as possible. Dr. Wei is very knowledgable and attentive. I can tell he cares and loves what he does. I am glad I went to Dr. Wei for help recovering from my injury. (5 Star Review on Google from L.A.)
I have met twice now with Dr. Wei and I have found him to be an excellent clinician with a good bedside manner.He listened to my concerns, focused on the problem, gave me time to ask questions, and then clearly explained his recommendations. I recommend him strongly and without reservation. (5 Star Google Review from B.J)
Dr. Wei is very prepared and professional, but most of all, he has done a great job addressing my needs and concerns when it came to solving a recurrent issue on my wrist.  (5 Star Google Review from G.N.)
Dr. Wei and the team at ONS are amazing. We went to the urgent care on a Saturday as my 3.5yr old fell and hurt his arm. Everyone we met that day was so kind and made my son (and me) feel very comfortable throughout the process. Dr. Wei came right in after we received x-rays and calmly explained the casting process. The staff was friendly and so sweet to my son at every visit. I am so thankful to have had his expertise during this time.  (5 Star Google Review from T.C.)
I have nothing but gratitude for the great expertise and care that I received from Dr. Wei and the staff at ONS. As a result of a bad fall I fractured both elbows and my right wrist. The break in the wrist was missed by the radiologist who initially read my x-rays but was, fortunately, noticed by Dr. Wei’s keen eye. He recommended a cast for 6 weeks which, thankfully, avoided a surgical fix, and PT with Alison Veridun, an expert in hand therapy who Is fantastic! Thanks to the two of them I have full use of my hand and wrist and continue to get stronger every day as a result of their good advice and strengthening exercises from Alison. I highly recommend this great team if ever you need an orthopedist specializing in hand/arm/elbow! (5 Star Google Review from R.R.)
I would recommend Dr. Wei in an instant. He was extremely patient and professional, answered all my questions related to my arthritic fingers and truly cared about his successful treatment. Dr. Wei was as gentle as he could be in what is a very uncomfortable procedure. His staff was friendly and enthusiastic and the wait time was minimal. Thank you, Dr Wei and ONS. (5 Star Review on Google from R.M.)
Dr. Wei is the Orthopaedic and Neurosurgery Specialist you want by your side when your child gets injured. Dr. Wei is extremely methodical, reassuring, professional, and totally awesome. He did wonders with my son’s broken elbow. And that’s why he comes highly recommended – I am more than happy to recommend him as well. (5 Star Google Review from S.D.)

Dr. Wei is kind and compassionate. He takes time with you and explains everything about your condition and treatment. His follow up is caring and careful. (5 Star Review on Healthgrades from W.M.)

Patched my son’s hand up with care and compassion! What a wonderful doctor! (5 Star Review on Google from K.N.)

Dr. D.H.Wei, is a wonderful caring doctor.  He is easy to talk too and very knowledgeable. I would recommend him for any surgery for the hand or arm. (5 Star Review on Google from A.S.)

Dr. Wei is the best — extraordinarily competent and caring. I originally saw him to get a second opinion. I am so glad that I did. He presented options that no other doctor had mentioned previously, and I never felt pressured or rushed in making decisions. The surgery and post-op visits went very smoothly; Dr. Wei and his team went out of their way to be helpful and kind throughout. (5 Star Review on Healthgrades)

In a time when HIPAA can make healthcare very sterile, Dr. David Wei of ONS in Greenwich is a breath of fresh air. The staff at ONS and his personal attention to my wound and subsequent recovery was excellent. I was very confident in his treatment and very much appreciated his bedside manner. I was completely comfortable in his care, and would highly recommend him and ONS. Thank you!  (5 Star Google Review from B.U.)

Dr. Wei provided me with excellent medical and surgical care. My relief from carpal tunnel was almost immediate and I’m very thankful for his professionalism and attentive care. His whole team including his office at ONS and the Stamford ASC surgical center was very diligent with precautions regarding the corona virus. I would highly recommend Dr. Wei. (5 Star Review on Healthgrades from J.F.)

Dr. Wei and the people at ONS are the best. I suffered from my first broken bone a few months ago in my hand, right in the middle of my final lacrosse season. From the moment I saw the x-ray to the moment I got the hard cast off, Dr. Wei and his crew were by my side. I made my goals of returning to play the final two games of my season. Without the help from these people, I’m not sure I would have made the comeback that I did. I strongly recommend using ONS.  They’re the best in the business. (5 Star Review on Google from E.S.)

Dr. Wei could have pushed surgery on me for a broken metacarpal but he assured me it wasn’t needed. Appointments were quick and he explained what was going on very well. I would recommend to anyone. (5 Star Review on Google)

Dr. Wei provided me with excellent medical and surgical care. My relief from carpal tunnel was almost immediate and I’m very thankful for his professionalism and attentive care. His whole team including his office at ONS and the Stamford ASC surgical center was very diligent with precautions regarding the corona virus. I would highly recommend Dr. Wei. (5 Star Google Rating from J.F.)

Dr Wei was excellent. He performed carpal tunnel wrist extension and alleviated many years of pain. The surgery was minimally invasive and recovery was just a day. (5 Star Review on Healthgrades)

Dr. Wei is a wonderful doctor! I came to him with a badly damaged elbow from an old injury I sustained ten years earlier. I ended up needing surgery in December. The surgery went great and I’m living pain free. Dr. Wei explained everything I would go through and was super informative and very compassionate and understanding. My experience with him and ONS was excellent. (5 Star Review on Google from D. O.)

Dr. Wei is an excellent hand surgeon. From first consult after an accident to final visit Dr Wei was always patient, articulate, thorough, with an excellent bedside manner. My hand is better now than before I fell! His staff at ONS were also exceptional!  (5 Star Review on Google from G.W., September 18)

Dr. Wei was extremely knowledgeable, compassionate and thorough assessing my hand before “we” decided on surgery. He helped me weigh all the pros, cons, alternatives and helped make the final recommendation. I am sooo glad I had the surgery because I am still very active and I was able to bounce back from 2 full ligament transplants in my right dominant hand. I was back playing hockey within 6 weeks with the help of a strong Physical Therapist who helped me stay ahead of my post op plan. I would highly recommend Dr. Wei as this was my first surgery ever (50 years old) and not once did he push me one way or the other, we weighed all the risks which made me feel very confident in our treatment plan. Thanks again for all your help Dr. Wei, I am off to my 10 pm hockey game tonight, we are in first place……maybe because I am back helping the team!!! (5 Star Review on Healthgrades from D.)

Dr Wei was fantastic. Every aspect of my treatment with him was as good as I could ask for. His initial diagnosis and explanation of my options; his help deciding the best way forward; his execution of the procedure and the immediate aftercare; his empathy and bedside manner; his consideration and accessibility; the time he spent with me; his follow up and focus on my recovery; all of these things were as good as they could be. He really was one of the nicest and most successful surgeons I’ve met. (5 Star Review on Healthgrades)

I heard about Dr. Wei from a friend for whom he’d provided elbow treatment. I decided to try him for the disabling arthritis I have in both my thumb joints, even though I’d been seeing another well-respected doctor who has become impossible to get an appointment with. Dr. Wei has given me cortisone shots in each thumb joint three times, since Sept 2019. He is the best! First, he explained where I have arthritis in my hands and pointed out areas I was unaware of. Kind, gentle, and very considerate as he administers the shot, which can be painful, he has gained my total confidence. There is a surgical procedure for this condition that he has described and, if and when these injections stop working, I will definitely use him as my surgeon. He is one of the best doctors ever I have ever seen for any reason. (5 Star Review on Healthgrades from J.W.)

I saw Dr. Wei for a trigger finger condition and he was terrific. He is very caring and attentive physician and inspires confidence in any recommended treatment. I consider him one of the best orthopedists (or doctors in general) that I have ever seen. I highly recommend him and ONS. (5 Star Review on Yelp from H.S.)

Dr. Wei recently performed surgery on my wrist. He has a patient manner about him and clearly articulated the problem and possible solutions. I’d certainly consult Dr. Wei first if future hand or wrist problems arise. (5 Star Review on Google from D.R.)

Absolutely amazing doctor. He made the whole process so smooth and did a great job with my wrist surgery.  Really great staff and people at ONS and Dr Wei is the best you can get! (5 Star Google Review from M.P.)

Dr. David Wei is an excellent physician with a wonderful professional manner. I was very impressed with him and the services I received at ONS.  I would highly recommend him as well as ONS.  (Patient review from A.R.K)

Dr. Wei cane into the emergency room at our local hospital to treat our son. A week later, he performed surgery on our boy’s wrist. Weeks later, the wrist is perfectly well now. Thank you Dr. Wei! You have impeccable bedside manner, you are most patient, and we’re truly lucky and thankful to have crossed paths with you. (5 Star review on Healthgrades from W.S. in Greenwich), CT

Dr. Wei scores all tens in my book.  Throughout my entire experience, he was caring, sensitive, and very thorough. He gave me all the time I needed to have all my questions answered. I never felt rushed. After the surgery, his follow up was outstanding.  Even the stafff — each person was lovelier than the next.  I’ve never been cared for like that.  If I ever need another operation I would go to him in a minute.  Dr. Wei is above and beyond. (SF)

I went to four different hand and wrist specialists for the severe pain I felt as a result of a serious car accident I’d had in August, 2015, and no one was able to help me.  Then the top hand surgeon at Columbia Presbyterian recommended Dr. David Wei at ONS.  Dr. Wei spent more time examining my hand and wrist than all four of the other doctors combined.  He was the only one who went beyond the X-rays and used MRI to diagnose that I had small fractures at the end of my ulnar bone and crushed tendons.  He was incredibly thorough and talked to me like I was a human being instead of an ailment.  He gave me such an incredible level of confidence that he could fix my problem and now, nine weeks after surgery, the pain is practically gone.  It was the best treatment I’ve ever received from a physician in my entire life.  It’s been a wonderful experience. I would gladly recommend him to anyone looking for a referral. (JS)

I love ONS. They are so above average compared to other doctors and offices. I have had 5 surgeries performed by three of your surgeons. I am seeing Dr. Wei and another doctor at ONS and so far on a scale from 1-10, I have to rate a 10. This includes the whole staff which are all very pleasant and helpful. (Patient Survey)

Dr. Wei was very professional. He took the time to explain in detail everything to my son. He spoke to him like an adult and not a child. He was knowledgeable which was extremely comforting to my husband and I. (Patient Survey)

I am a physician and all 6 of my family members have been using this practice for all of our orthopedic issues. They are amazing and I give big props to Dr. Wei for looking over my Harli two times now, and hopefully the last. (Patient Survey)

Dr. Wei was the third doctor I went to for treatment for my hand. I was so impressed by how caring and skilled he was.  He never left me sitting in the waiting room, and I appreciated that respect for my time.  Dr. Wei took the time to explain everything to me about my condition and the treatment he proposed. He made sure I understood it all. Dupuytren’s Contracture is difficult to treat.  The other two physicians were skilled but they couldn’t solve my problem.  Dr. Wei had a special technique that worked for me.  I would recommend Dr. Wei, and ONS, to anyone.  In fact, I already have. (PB)

I would recommend Dr. Wei without reservation. He is kind and gentle. He did my carpal tunnel surgery and everything went smoothly. I don’t have a single complaint. F.M.

When I first went to Dr. Wei about my Trigger Finger, I told him I was ready for surgery because I’d had the same condition with a different finger a few years ago.  If I had been anywhere else, I think the surgeon would’ve rolled me right into the operating room, but Dr. Wei made sure I understood all the non-surgical options first.  When I decided to go ahead with the surgery, he took the time to explain that I had the option to forego anesthesia, which I chose because I react poorly to anesthesia.  Throughout my entire experience, I felt like I was handled with kid gloves.  I couldn’t believe the high level of care and attention I was given for such a little procedure.  I have seen other doctors at  ONS over the years  and my experience has always been very positive. The people at ONS couldn’t be nicer or more accommodating.  (DPA)

Dr. Wei was very patient and professional with my six year old daughter. She was very comfortable with him. (Patient Survery)

Dr. Wei was fabulous ! Other than being excellent in his specialty, his bedside manner and his empathy and thoughtful demeanor was first rate. My son now wants to be doctor! Thank-you! (Patient Survey)

Dr. Wei is not only a compassionate person and good ally, he’s a great doctor. I’m 86 years old and as you get older you not only need the best doctor, you need someone with the compassion to help you get through the long haul. He consoled me and took the time to listen and reassure my wife when she called while I was recovering. No one could think of a fall as wonderful, but the way Dr. Wei fixed my wrist and hip was truly outstanding. (JL)

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