D.Hapke in KayakBack on t
he Go 16 Weeks after Two Shoulder Replacements

“Arthritis had taken its toll on my shoulders. I was in constant pain. Sleeping was difficult and the activities I love, like kayaking, were difficult. Two friends with similar shoulder issues referred me to Dr. Miller at ONS.  When I met him, I immediately knew he was the doctor I wanted to care for me. He was thorough, thoughtful and patient. He has a great bedside manner and took the time to completely answer all my questions.

I had my first shoulder replacement in January, 2013; the second one was done a year later.  Read full testimonial

William McHale: Getting Back in the Game

William McHale Testimonial
Will McHale returning to football after shoulder surgery

The doctors at ONS have always been my resource for orthopedic issues. I met Dr. Paul Sethi when I broke my ankle playing football in 7th grade. In high school I broke my wrist and had a number of other strains and sprains, each time, returning to ONS. Dr. Paul Sethi is a sports medicine doctor who has an athlete’s mentality when it comes to treatments and recovery. He has a balanced view of treating an injury thoroughly and properly- while understanding the urgency of getting the athlete back to the game as soon as possible. Read full testimonial




Victoria at The Cheerleading Worlds 2015 Competition
Victoria at The Cheerleading Worlds 2015 Competition – 5 months after ankle surgery


Victoria: Determined to compete in The Cheerleading Worlds 2015 Competition
Victoria, like any other athlete, was in great physical condition and worked hard with her cheerleading teammates to learn routines for competitions before injuring her right ankle. She was determined to compete in The 2015 Cheerleading Worlds Competition in Orlando Florida’s Disney Land hosted by the United States All Star Federation. Victoria’s surgeon Dr. Sean Peden operated on Victoria’s ankle and in just four months she was on the stage competing in The Cheerleading Worlds! Read full testimonial





Brooke with Dr. Delos
Brooke with Dr. Delos – returning to basketball after knee surgery


Returning to Sports after Injuring My Knee
In 2014, local student athlete Brooke was playing basketball with her team in the 7th of 8 games at the AAU Nationals when she became injured during a layup after another player collided with her causing immediate knee pain. “I fell down and the trainer helped me off the court. We could see instant swelling and knew I needed to see a doctor” said Brooke.

Brooke suffered a painful injury which required surgery. ONS orthopedic surgeon Delos Demetris, MD performed surgery to repair a torn ACL and a partial meniscus tear. Brooke said, “I felt a little bit timid before the surgery but the surgery went well.” Read full testimonial