Posted on September 10, 2020

Dr. Paul Sethi is the senior author of an important study that has been published in the the prestigious publication,  Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery.  The article, “Perioperative pain management for shoulder surgery: evolving techniques,” details the evaluation of strategies to enhance patient satisfaction and outcomes, and provides guidelines for opiate utlization/minimization after surgery.

Dr. Sethi has been at the forefront of research into non-opioid options for post-operative pain and the development of the multi-modality strategies for surgical pain management.

“Although opioid medications have historically been mainstay of acute post surgical pain management, relying solely on them is not advisable given their many short- and long-term effects,” noted Dr. Sethi. “It is incumbent upon surgeons to understand the evidence behind the various modalities for controlling pain after shoulder surgery.”

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