Posted on August 14, 2015
Dr. Sethi teaching “Shoulder Surgical Techniques" in a live operating room setting, Dehli, India.
Dr. Sethi teaching “Shoulder Surgical Techniques” in a live operating room setting, Dehli, India.

Dr. Paul Sethi, ONS Orthopedic Surgeon and President of ONS Foundation for Clinical Research and Education, recently returned from an international teaching engagement at the 2015 Delhi Arthroscopy Course in Delhi, India. The annual live surgery course draws physicians and residents from around the world to learn new techniques and methodologies for difficult surgical steps. Surgeries are performed by prominent national and international faculty with the opportunity for physicians to observe complex operating techniques and solutions during live surgeries. The forum also provides the opportunity to interact with the teaching surgeons and to ask pertinent questions.

Dr. Sethi specializes in sports medicine and shoulder surgery and was invited to teach “Shoulder Surgical Techniques” to 170 attendees from across India. This was his first teaching engagement in India, however he is accustomed to the international platform having previously instructed in Canada and Europe.

During the course, he performed three shoulder procedures: rotator cuff repair, labrum repair and reverse shoulder replacement. Being unfamiliar with the particular instrumentation used at the Sports Injury Centre, Safdarjang Hospital, Dr. Sethi adapted his techniques to the instruments available to perform complex surgeries. Dr. Sethi emphasized the importance of finding solutions to a variety of situations that a surgeon may encounter in any operating room. The result of his work speaks to his medical knowledge and skill that spans nearly twenty years of experience. Arthroscopy Course Organizational Secretary, Dr. Deepak Joshi recently reported, “The tips and ease with which these complex cases were done have been well appreciated by the faculty and delegates.

Dr. Sethi’s experience traveling and teaching has led him to a better understanding of the challenges and solutions used by surgeons in other parts of the world. He says, “ten years ago the platforms were very different from one another, not because one is more advanced than the other, but because methods, thought processes, techniques and instruments differ. Today platforms are more aligned.” Teaching allows him to consider why some methods are used and also to learn from other accomplished surgeons.

Dr. Sethi honored by Dr. Prasad, Director General of Healthcare Services in India.
Dr. Sethi honored by Dr. Prasad, Director General of Healthcare Services in India.

Dr. Sethi said he feels “privileged to have had the opportunity to meet and be honored by Dr. Prasad, Director General of Healthcare Services in India.” He was also thanked by Dr. Deepak Chaudhary, Director of the Sports Injury Center for his valuable contribution to this important educational event and hopes Dr. Sethi will assist in planning future courses.

Later this year, Dr. Sethi will teach in Dubai, Bangkok, and in Florida, Los Angeles and Las Vegas in the United States. Being informed and at the cutting edge of medical research and technology motivates him to travel and teach. He was recently the lead author on the article, “Efficacy of topical benzoyl peroxide on the reduction of Propionibacterium acnes during shoulder surgery” that appeared in The Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery, Volume 24, Issue 7 (July 2015).