Posted on June 14, 2013

Golf may be perceived as a low risk sport, but it is physically demanding and golf related injuries are increasing.

Another great stretch to do before and during play.
A great stretch to do before and during play.

If watching the US Open Championship has inspired you to head for the links, here are a few exercises for golfers to ensure an injury free day on the course and to get the most out of your summer golf! The pros do it, you should too!

Golf advice for US Open Championship fans!

1. Train by repetitive motor learning specific to golf. Example: long distance runners are not trained by sprinting.

2. Never separate the torso from the hips while swinging.

3. For a more beneficial aerobic workout, walk outside, NOT on a treadmill.

4. Improving flexibility will result in fewer injuries, swing consistency, improved distance through less compensation and greater power.

5. Remember to stretch AFTER you warm-up your muscles.

6. To achieve a more powerful swing, strengthen your core through resistance training, yoga and Pilates.

7. Avoid surgery by taking care of your body on and off the course through exercise, healthy diet habits and minimizing stress.

8. Wrist weakness and radiating forearm pain could be “golfers elbow.” Be sure to maintain proper form and resist the temptation to play too much. REST is the best treatment for this injury.

9. Swimming, biking and using the elliptical machine are three of the most effective cross-training exercises.

10. When picking up your ball, always remember to bend with your knees.

Most IMPORTANTLY: Listen to your body and don’t play if you’re experiencing pain or are tired. If something is beginning to hurt, get it checked out.

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