Posted on March 16, 2010

If you have been less active over the winter months and now can’t wait to get back into your exercise routine, a word of caution– take it slow to avoid early season injuries. Don’t try to pick up where you left off last fall. Build up your work out gradually.

Christina Hennessy from Greenwich Time and The Advocate has written an article, Spring Shape up, that offers some good advice, some of which comes from ONS’ Gloria Cohen, MD and Laura Liebesman, PT.

Below is our own list of tips for safe return to sports activity

• Practice a regular strengthening and flexibility program, remembering to balance opposing muscle groups.

• Warm up before every workout or sports activity.

• Wear appropriate footgear and do not use worn-out running or tennis shoes that can negatively affect biomechanics.

• When returning to sports or a fitness program, start slowly and build up gradually.

• Maintain your body with proper nutrition and hydration for optimal performance.

• Vary your fitness routine. Repetitive use of the same muscles and joints may cause strain or injury.

• If you feel pain, stop exercising and have the pain evaluated.

• Listen to your body and know your limits.